Williamite invasion of Cygulia

Bennian infantry (Left) charging into Williamite infantry

Date 16th February 1E74
Location Cygulia, Benno-Williamite border, Bedliam

Decisive Benno-Eddian victory, William the defiler retreats to Williamius Brutus, Strategic Williamite failure, Emma the Rude captured

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 Free Lands of Bennius

Kingdom of Eddia
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Williamite Empire

Commanders and leaders
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King Benjamin the Hawkheart

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Captain Tesker

King Edward I

Jarl Rumenthal
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Emperor Williamius the Defiler

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Emma the Rude



1,500 men-at-arms

1,500 Spearman

3,000 Knights

5,000 Peasants

2,000 Archers

3,000 Town Militia


8,000 Royal Cavaliers

2,000 Briskravdan Axemen

3,000 Strelets

5,000 Archers


15,000 Imperial Guard

7,500 Knights of the Black Hand

10,000 Archers

up to 9,000 men-at-arms and Spearmen

500+ Catapults

Casualties and losses


2,000 Royal Cavaliers dead

500 Briskravdan Axemen dead

800 Strelets dead

fewer than 30 Archers killed

1/3 of force wounded


300 men-at-arms killed

2,500 Spearmen killed

2,000 town militia killed

200 knights killed

1,000 archers killed

1/3 of force wounded


12,000 Imperial Guard killed or captured

6,000 knights of the Black Hand killed or captured

9,000 Archers killed or captured

4,000 men-at-arms captured

1,000 Spearmen killed or captured

All Catapults destroyed  

The Williamite invasion of Cygulia was a failed invasion led by military forces of the Williamite Williamius III the Cruel into the region of Cygulia. The region was defended at Brulls Hill by Bennian forces, later reinforced by Eddian forces. Williamius III the Cruel suffered heavy casualties during the invasion and this disasterous day for him has led to his empire's decline period.

The BattleEdit

Following a disagreement with King Edward the Magnificent and King Benjamin the Hawkheart, Williamius gathered two armies, one under the command of himself numbering roughly 35,000 soldiers, and one led by Baron Julius Manius, numbering roughly 20,000. On the day, Williamius attacked the village of Ludia in an attempt to capture the village quickly as a vantage point. The villagers, led by the minotaur Captain Tesker, took up arms and assembled an army of about 8,000 men (Mostly town militia and peasants) To heroically defend the village. Williamius struggled to conquer the village, losing 3,000 men, before the Ludian defenders were forced to retreat to Brull's Hill and wait for Benjamin the Hawkheart. He expected an invasion and kept a force of about 8,000 men himself by the border. Ludia sent a courier to the king that the region was under attack. Benjamin the Hawkheart quickly responded and marched his forces 1/2 a mile to the hill. This added to the remaining Ludian militia and peasants, summing up to a force of roughly 15,000.

King Edward the Magnificent of Eddia, also situating himself with Benjamin the Hawkheart at Sentinel Keep, the Bennian fort, mobilised his army and planned to attack the Williamites at their rear. His force numbered 18,000 men.

The village of Ludia fell, most of the villagers fleeing their homes to Sentinel Keep for temporary refuge. The village was sacked by the Williamites. About an hour later, Williamius III the Cruel moved his army to Brull's Hill to meet the Bennian army, his force twice Benjamin's size. Feeling overconfident, he ordered his Imperial Guard to move forward for a frontal attack and his archers and catapults to barrage the defences. Captain Tesker, with the approval of the king, led a charge of the Ludian militia as the Imperial Guard came close. The Imperial Guard, not expecting this, took heavy casualties (Roughly 2,000) in a mere minute. Benjamin the Hawkheart then flanked his Royal Cavalry around and attacked the Imperial Guard's side. They began to rout, and then the Knights of the Black Hand charged (Led by Emma the Rude) in an attempt to kill Benjamin the Hawkheart. 

Just afterwards, King Edward the Magnificent of Eddia arrived at Williamius's rear. He is said to have yelled "MEN! FIGHT AND DIE WITH HONOUR!" Before ordering the Royal Cavaliers to charge at the Williamite infantry. This caused a tide of panic within Williamius' forces and began to rout. Williamius then led a desperate charge into the battle in an attempt to save the day. However, Emma the Rude was knocked off of her horse, and the Knights of the Black hand also began to rout. The Williamite men-at-arms engaging the Eddian Briskravdan Axemen and Strelets were also badly losing and, yes, you guessed, routed. Williamius, after losing half of his guard, fled the battle to Williamius Brutus.


This caused protests to end conflicts in Williamius Brutus, which also led to the ongoing civil war.