Williamite Empire
Scourge symbol
Flag Grand imperial coat of arms

"Victory, honour or death"


"Our world"

Current territory of the Williamite Empire
Capital Williamius Brutus
Languages Williamite
Religion Church of the Black Hand
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor of the Williamites
 -  BE41-1E12 Williamius I




Commander of the armed forces

Williamius II

Williamius III The Cruel

Baron Julius Manius

Legislature Monarch's orders
Historical era BE (Before Era)
 -  Foundation BE41
 -  Conquest of Briskravda BE12
 -  Accession of Williamius II 1E12
 -  Accession of Williamius III 1E73
 -  Williamius Brutus protests 1E74
 -  Civil War 1E74-present
 -  1823 est. 23,000,,000 
Currency Williamius gold

The Williamite Empire is a sovereign empire located in the south of the Bedliam world. Its capital is Williamius Brutus. It's current emperor is Williamius III the Cruel. The country is made up of seven regions (All directly governed by the emperor) Campanius, Brudesia, Karguis, Willaponnesia, Ilustrus, Mutilia and Lucia. It shares a border with every Bedliam nation (The Free Lands of Bennia, the Ryanius dynasty, the Kingdom of Liamius and the Kingdom of Eddia) 

The country is ran by an absolute monarchial power, currently the House of Williamius. The country is most famous for its imperialism and wishes for a greater empire. The army is well equipped and has a military history giving it a decent reputation, however, recently the armed forces and the monarch have greatly declined, beginning after the failed invasion of Bennian Cygulia.

The country is also known for black, paganistic magic, and its enchanting skills.


The Williamite Empire is currently the oldest nation in Bedliam. Founded by the respected ruler Williamius I, it made several forays into the current territories of Eddia, conquering regions of Archadia (After winning the 1st Archadian War) And conquering Briskravda from indigenous tribes. This golden age began to end in the 1E12, when Williamius I died and his son, Williamius II, became emperor. He is known to have been a tyrant, whom implanted harsh taxes in his outer reigons, particularly Briskravda. However, the situation got worse in the 1E48 when Briskravda declared independence. Williamius II then led an army to invade Eddia and occupied south-eastern Archadia, thus starting the 2nd Archadian War and the War of Eddian independence. He lost in a mere 6 months after the battle of Ardalswick, and the kingdom of Eddia had gained recognition. After this humiliating defeat and being largely confined to the empires original territory, Williamius II became mentally defective and died in agony in 1E73.

The rule of Williamius III the CruelEdit

Williamius III the Cruel intended to bring the empire back to its former glory. A disagreement with the Kingdom's of Eddia and Bennia, led to a disasterous war with the two. In a hope of manipulating Eddia, he ordered the invasion of the minor Kingdom of Lowus and conquered the country in 1 month. He ordered the destruction of the historical city of Lowria.

The war of 1E74 thus began after the Kingdom of Eddia and the Free Lands of Bennia declared war on the Williamites. A military expidition under the command of Lord Gycevio invaded Lowus, and liberated the kingdom. Williamius III suffered even greater humiliation in Cygulia, where he was defeated by a minor Bennian force and Eddian reinforcements. After these defeats, there were riots in 1E74 to end the wars with the western kingdoms and establish a people's parliament. This uprising was violently put down, and the Williamite Civil War has thus, erupted.