Free Lands of Bennius
Hawkes large
Flag Royal coat of arms
Anthem: Bennius, land of the free
Free lands of bennius
            Location of the Free Lands of Bennia

and largest city


51°30′N 0°7′W

Official languages Bennian
Recognised regional languages Heranese
95% Breton, 5% Heranese
Demonym Bennian or Bennite
Government Central Monarchy
 -  Monarch King Benjamin the Hawkheart
Legislature Bennius Palace
 -  Kingdom Founded 1E74
 -  Union with Heran 1E75
 -  Total 400,000 km2 (80th)
 -  1E75 census 17,256,755[1]]
 -  Density 400.6/km2
Wealth 1E75 estimate
 -  Total 200 million Bennian Gold
Currency -

1 Bennian Gold

1 Bennian Silver

1 Bennian Bronze

The Free Lands of Bennius is a sovereign state located in the south west of Bedliam. The capital city is Bennius. The Free Lands of Bennius consists of six regions: Bennia, Karlia, Cygulia, Bruvia, Claudia and Heran. The kingdom shares a border with the Kingdom of Eddia and the Williamite Empire.

The kingdom is very famous for its craftsmanship, engineering, and merchantile community. It has a close friendship with the Kingdom of Eddia and both countries come to each other's aid if one or the other is in trouble. It is almost famous for its great bird, the Giant Hawk, known only to be found in the kingdom and is its king Benjamin the Hawkheart's namesake, because he rides on into battle.


Before its unification by Benjamin I the Hawkheart (The current king) The land was occupied by indigenous tribes whom were always fighting each other for control over the rich resources, especially in Cygulia and Bennia, had to offer. Benjamin the Hawkheart, on the 1E74, descended from the region of Bennia, determined to unite the lands into one. The tribes were aggressive towards his ideas, and attacked, at the Battle of Horamus Field. The tribes outnumbered the king's army 4:1, however they were disorganised and lacked a leader, and were crushed when they charged into heavy arrow fire and routed upon the kings cavalry charge. The tribes then broke up and the remaining tribes agreed to unify with Bennia and accepted Benjamin the Hawkheart as their leader.

1 year later, the Kingdom of Heran broke out into civil war. The king of Heran, King Menethil III, was overwhelmed in 5 days, and afterwards, the rebels requested a union with the Kingdom of Bennia. The Treaty of Heran was signed the following day, and the country was renamed the Free Lands of Bennia, with Heran as a region.

Relations with EddiaEdit

The Kingdom of Eddia's ruler, King Edward I The Magnificent, shares a close friendship with Benjamin the Hawkheart. The two countries have a close trade connection and a permanent military alliance, which has proved effective over the years, most notably during the Williamite invasion of Cygulia. 

Relations with the WilliamitesEdit

Over the years, the countries have had an on and off relationship. At sometimes, relations were good and peaceful, and at others, relations have soured. The current Emperor of the Williamites, Emperor William I The Cruel, is all right, however Benjamin the Hawkheart has a close eye on him, as he is known for his expansionist beliefs. Currently, the two are going through a disagreement period over control of the Bedliam Confederacy, with Benjamin supporting equalism and William supporting Absolutism. This led to a Williamite invasion of the Bennian region of Cygulia, where Eddo-Bennian forces heroically beat back the invaders and even captured William's wife, Emma the Rude. Now, William the Cruel is considering leaving the Bedliam Confederacy altogether, however Benjamin the Hawkheart disapproves of this plan.