Kingdom of Eddia
Kingdom of eddia
Flag Royal coat of arms

Anthem: The vast Eddian mountains

Motto: "For our home, for our honour"

Eddian peninsula

Location of the Kingdom of Eddia


and largest city

Official languages Eddian, Bedliamese
Recognised regional languages Ghyroas, Archadian, Skyarvian, Briskrav
Ethnic groups (1E74)

90% Eddian

2.5% Bennian

7.5% Other

Demonym Eddian or Eddite
Government Central Monarchy
 -  Monarch Edward I The magnificent
 -  Grand Yarl Lord Gycevio
Legislature Monarchy
 -  Kingdom founded 1E48

Conquest of Lowus from Williamites 1E74

 -  Total 492,130km2
 -  2011 census 22,000,000
 -  Density 255.6/km2
Wealth 1E74 estimate
 -  Total 200,000,000 Eddian Gold

1 Eddian gold

1 Eddian silver

1 Eddian bronze

The Kingdom of Eddia (Commonly known as Eddia) Is a sovereign nation located in the northwest of the Bedliam world. Its capital city is Skyanstre. The country consists of 6 regions: Skyarvia, Rabanastre, Archadia, Briskravda, Ghyrhodia, and the former kingdom of Lowus. It shares a border with the Grand Duchy of Liamius, the Free Lands of Bennius, and the Williamite Empire.

The country is ran by a centralised monarchy, with the current monarch Edward I The Magnificent. The country is famous for its vast mountains in the north, and containing Bedliam's highest mountain, Gryskra. The country is also famous for the skill of its warriors, and holding the belief that retreat in battle is dishonourable. The country is also notorious for its alchemy and blacksmiths.


The Eddian Peninsula, before 1E48, consisted of three kingdoms - The Kingdom of Lowus, Skyarvia and Archadia. Rabanastre was a part of Skyarvia, Ghyrhodia was a part of Archadia and Briskravda was a region held by the Williamites. In 1E45, Edward The Magnificent led a rebellion in the Briskravi city of Skyanstre. Williamius II held little forces in this region, and the region was soon took over by Edward the Magnificent. After Briskravda was under Edward's control, he declared the Kingdom of Eddia. The Kingdom was recognised by Skyarvia, Archadia and Lowus the following day. Williamius II then led an invasion of the Eddian peninsula and occupied the southeastern part of Archadia. Assisted by king Benjamin I the Hawkheart of the Free Lands of Bennia, the invaders were pushed out quickly. The kingdom then unified the peninsula after the king of Skyarvia died and Archadia broke into civil war, and, in 1E55, Archadia was finally brought under the control of the Kingdom of Eddia. Lowus maintained its sovereignity for nearly 20 more years, until the Williamites surprise attacked the kingdom in the 1E74, when the kingdom quickly surrendered. Edward the Magnificent then led a small force of about 7,000 into Lowus (Assisted by Lowi rebels) and met Williamius's army (Led by General Horus) At the battle of Carnsfielf in Eastern Lowus, and won a bloody battle, kicking the invaders out. Lowus, left without a leader as its monarchy was executed by the order of Williamius II, and horribly weakened, the kingdom requested a unification with Edward I. The unification was agreed upon and took place the next day.

Relations with BenniaEdit

Edward I the Magnificent and Benjamin I The Hawkheart are close friends, their friendship going back to the Briskravi rebellion in the 1E48. They share a close military alliance and come to each other's aid when either is in trouble, most notably during the Williamite invasion of Cygulia.

Relations with the WilliamitesEdit

Relations with the Williamites were poor after the 1E55 invasion of the peninsula, however, relations were good and cooperative for another 20 years after Williamius the Cruel abruptly recognised the kingdom. However, relations soured again when Williamius the Cruel invaded Cygulia, and many Eddian lives were lost. Relations are currently in a so-so state.